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Jun 18, 2016

Schaible/D'Alosio & Ahistorical Studio (re)present the second podlication of THE WEAK in Review.  Featuring "Fyodor Ellison Periphery," "Trapped Namer," "How Smoking Outdoors Becomes Illegal," and "SureSign."

... From the factory of their own means, music producer/audio arranger Jody Schaible and personal radio face Max Sympathy collapse distance ... An unthought experiment, sound affectation, lyrical without sing, dissonant without fission, melodic without monotony ... An uncompleting 21st century synthesizer plus skipread performance, the dialogic novelty of mutual distraction ... Loquacious music, suggesting abbreviation, remixed and remastered in contemplation ... Failures and successes ...

(((Poetic Stereo)))